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We Italians often forget about the luck we have of living in a country where history, art and territory have merged to create unique places. We knew our Italy a little but since we have the pleasure to be wedding photographer in Italy  and to travel, wonder does not abandon us anymore and we are are always looking forward to leaving again and again.
Italy is beautiful and it deserves to be loved and known. When you decide to get married in Italy you also embrace the territory that will host you to experience its history and traditions. You discover the streets, even and especially the small and narrow ones. They always lead to an interesting place. Too many words have been spent on Italian food, it is now known that we eat well. But it is not enough to know it, you must experience it.
A wedding in Italy is a bit like a journey: you will discover enchanting places, you will stay there for a while and you will miss them once away, you will enjoy a stunning wedding venue full of history and you will eat fresh and tasty local food.
So travel with us, look at our wedding photos Italy and imagine. The next protagonists could be you!