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Lake Como Proposal Spots

It is always a great satisfaction to be able to plan a wedding proposal on Lake Como with our couples. It doesn’t matter if thousands of kilometers separate us, we know the Lake Como area very well because we have been working there for years and we frequent it also for pleasure. You never get tried of beauty. That’s why we are able to suggest the most particular Lake Como proposal spots. From the most famous villas to the most unknown and authentic corners: on Lake Como a couple can truly satisfy their needs and go well beyond their expectations.

Above all, in such a special and well-planned moment, do not miss photography and, why not, also a short proposal video! The intensity of that day that will not return but will remain alive in your memories also because of photos and video. Invest in quality photography, it will always be worth it! We have been wedding proposal photographers and videographers on Lake Como for years but each proposal is different. We are not rhetorical: it is a new stimulus precisely because it is the prologue of a personal and unique love story. So our documentary style in photography immediately adapts to the spontaneity of such a moment. We are discreet, never intrusive, careful to grasp the strong emotions that will make your heart beat. Creative even without posing sessions, certain that your enthusiasm and emotion will make the difference.

Anish and Escha are from London. Traveling through Italy they stopped on Lake Como, in romantic Bellagio to be precise. And in Bellagio there is an incredible historic Villa that would leave you breathless: Villa Melzi. One of the most suitable and romantic spots for a proposal on Lake Como also because it is never too crowded and it is so vast that it always leaves room to fully enjoy such a unique moment. Watch this video of Anish and Escha’s wedding proposal, two fantastic guys who will soon crown their dream of love…

Planning a wedding proposal on Lake Como is easier than you think. But it remains a unique opportunity. Take a look also at this proposal video and at this proposal photo session. Contact us, let’s have a chat!


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