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Wedding videographer in Tuscany * Kate & Cavan

Wedding videographer in Tuscany – this is the wedding film of a romantic love story from Singapore.

Kate and Cavan are from far away and decide to get married in Italy, in the Tuscan charming countryside, celebrating their symbolic wedding at Villa Podernovo, a fascinating Villa for weddings in Italy.

This is a short trailer that shows the atmosphere of that day, and the drone we usually use gives a different perspective of the beauty of the hills and the countryside.

The sweetness of this young couple immediately catches the eye and a walk in the ancient unique walls of San Galgano Abbey takes us all in a fairy atmosphere.

And the the wedding dinner by the Villa, in the meadow, with all those little lights above the table that immediately feel us to be at a feast. Intimate marriages have the advantage of being able to gather all the guests at the same table with the bride and groom. Conviviality is assured!

We are not afraid of darkness. At night, darkness is all that we have available and what we live. This is what makes the night special and darkness and low lights are the protagonist, together with our couple, of our video footage. Our aim is always to make you relive your wedding bringing you back to the real atmosphere you have experienced. Without pretense but enhancing what has made you happy and you will never forget.

Enjoy the video and thank you Kate and Cavan, sweet gentle people! – Wedding videographer in Tuscany

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